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"Acheron is the strangest planet in the sector. It's a T-class world orbiting the star NC867. What's interesting is that the surface of the planet is covered by a single gigantic organism that has breathing tubes the size of subway tunnels and spores as big as starships. (...) Its origin is unknown. However, most of the planet's ecosystem is bound up with it in some way. Just as our bodies contain millions of microscopic bacteria, the organism is host to countless parasitic and symbiotic creatures. It has seas of mucus-like fluid which act as digestive tar-pits and which also collect and distribute solar energy."
- Aida

Acheron is a planet on the Unreal universe.

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"The Izanagi Corporation has been methodically killing this creature as they terraform the planet. They've built a ring of giant chemical reactors to convert the athmosphere to earth-standard oxygen/nitrogen levels, which the organism doesn't seem to tolerate. (...) The spores surrounding the planet seem to be some kind of defensive reaction to the Izanagi's terraforming."
- Aida

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