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Third-party mod
This article is about an officially-released third-party mod.
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AirBuccaneers (mod) is a teamplay-oriented air battle game with hot air balloons and mythological sceneries from the north.[1]

Key features:

  • New multiplayer type containing intense and strategic hot air balloon fights
  • Heavy emphasis on teamplay and cooperation
  • New player models, weapons, graphics and sounds to complete the unique atmosphere
  • Different maps for diverse scenarios and objectives
  • Unique game concept and original content
  • Genre mix (airwar, tactical vehicle ops and "sea" battles)
  • Simple control interface (action button, jump, walk, strafe, turn, throw "weapon", F1 for stats)

The game consists of highly original concept and content. The new type of multiplayer game involving intense and strategic hot air balloon fights is crafted by mixing the game genres of airwar and seat battles with FPS aspects.

AirBuccaneers offers simple enough control interface which enables low learning threshold. The players interact and experience their surroundings by using their player characters in the atmospherically engaging virtual world. Thematic player models, weapons, graphics and sounds complete the unique atmosphere.

The high concept of the game is the graceful control scheme of hot air balloons. Slow movement speeds and large-sized targets reduce the amount of hand-eye-coordination and leave more room for strategic and tactical thinking. The adrenalin rush provided by the intense smoke-filled battle of airborne hot air balloons is one of the most important gameplay aspects.[2]

Development history Edit

AirBuccaneers started as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 but, before its initial release, it was changed to work on top of Unreal Tournament 2004, as it was released during the development of the mod.[1]

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Credits Edit

Credits of Air Buccaneers
LudoCraft Game Design and Research Team
Producer & Lead Designer Tony Manninen
Lead Programmer & Developer Tuomo Korva
Graphics & Level Design Heikki Korva
3D Models & Animation Tomi Kujanpää
Audio Design & Graphics & Text Pekko Koskinen
Concept Art & Graphics Jani Löthman
Server Admin & Graphics Tomi Hurskainen
Animation & Graphics Laura Vallius
Music Eino Keskitalo, Anssi Laiho
Usability & Playtesting Mikko Rajanen
Server Guru Peter Antoniac
Voice Talent Suvi Kaattari, Satu Kaattari-Manninen, Anssi Laiho, Pasi Pirttiaho

Trivia Edit

  • The mod won 2nd place in Make Something Unreal Contest educational category and 3rd place in the overall finals in 2004.
  • In 2012 the mod was reborn as a free, full-fledged PC multiplayer title released on Steam. As a standalone game, however, it runs under the Unity 4 Engine.[3]

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