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"This Allerian Ice Shark is a fearsome predator, capable of devouring a man in seconds. If it could carry a weapon, there's no doubt the Overseers would've found a way to put him in the Tournament as well. Not surprisingly, though, it still manages to rack up a respectable number of kills. Impromptu games of water polo are highly discouraged..."
DM-Aqua_Mortis map description

The Allerian Ice Shark is a creature from the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

Alleria doesn't seem to support a large variety of life due to its cold. The only known native life form is the Allerian Ice Shark, which looks similar to Earth's sharks.

The Allerian Ice Shark has one big dorsal fin, two pectoral fins, two pelvic fins, and a caudal fin. It also has darker, ventral and dorsal finlets. Its head is distinct from its body due to its pointy ridge covering the neck. Underneath the ridge are a number of barbels, and right behind its head are 5 gill openings on either side.

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  • Stay clear of the water areas in Aqua_Mortis. The foe cannot be killed.

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  • The shark is possibly based on the Devilfish.

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