"A little over a year ago, our Axon Corporation discovered two of these artifacts and set up labs on Hell and Janus to study them. No one knows [what these things can do]. We know they're virtually indestructible, and that they emit energy in a way we haven't begun to understand. [There are] seven, buried on different planets for millions of years. Unfortunately, the Izanagi and Liandri corporations caught on and have started massive hunts on their own. The Skaarj know we want 'em so they want 'em too."
Sector Commander Hawkins

The Artifacts are the main plot point of Unreal II: The Awakening.

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A powerful and mysterious relic that was separated into several pieces and have been located on a number of different planets. It is said that when the pieces are assembled together, they hold the key to a powerful weapon.

At least one piece of the artifact had the affect of enlarging alien creatures, resulting in them becoming bigger creatures.

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  • Each of the six artifact pieces are related to various combat attributes: Armor, Damage, Health, Invisibility, Locator and Speed.

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