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Avalon (preface) is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening .

Map description Edit

It is (at this point) a set of tutorial levels. The file names of these maps are TutA.un2 and TutB.un2. There will be only one real opponent to fight in this set of levels. The B section of the tutorial can be skipped. Before starting the game, you are allowed to choose the difficulty setting. It will affect the weapon fire and defense of your opponents, but nothing else. When the level is loaded, a cutscene is shown.

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Monster Count Location
Passive and NPCs
2x Outside of the command center, at the platform. 1x Outside of the command center, near the elevator.
1x Command Center.
1x Command Center.

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The first cutscene displays the Odyssey IV planet and TCA Atlantis floating in space near the planet. The ship flies past the camera, and the Unreal II logo is displayed. Soon after it fades out, the docking bay doors of TCA Atlantis opens and a dropship flies out of the main ship. The main engines start, and the dropship flies down to the earth-like surface of Odyssey IV (the Terran Colonial Authority headquarters appear to be in a place that looks very familiar to Earth's Turkey). The cutscene ends, a new map is loaded, and another cutscene starts.

This cutscene now allows you to pause the game. The action now takes place on the surface of Odyssey IV. The camera is first centered on one of the oceans of the planet. The dropship seen earlier appears from the sky and flies towards the mainland. The camera follows the ship, and the name of the planet ("Odyssey IV, Terran Colonial HQ") appears on the screen.

The camera now centers on one of the towers of the building the dropship was flying to. Sector Commander Hawkins can be seen working on the other side of the window. Seconds later, John Dalton, protagonist of the game, walks in the room. A dialog starts.

Dalton: "Commander Hawkins! Sir!"
Hawkins: "Good to see you, Dalton. I'll get right to the point. Your request for reinstatement in the marines has been denied... again. I know you're disappointed, but we can try again in six months."
Dalton: "Can't I buck it up the line?"
Hawkins: "I've spoken with General Drexler personally... It was no-go."
Dalton: "Damn."
Hawkins: "When you return to your ship, you'll have a new pilot. He's a Hex-Core alien named Ne'Ban. We got him in an officer exchange program. He's some kind of muckety-muck on his home planet and the brass want him kept away out of harm's way. You've got the quietest patrol, so you're it."
Dalton: "I'm getting mighty tired of babysitting the ass-end of nowhere!"
Hawkins: "The Colonial Authority isn't so bad, John. We don't see as much action as the Marines, but our tradition of service is just as strong."
Dalton: "Save it for the recruits, Sir! I know the score."
Hawkins: "Stow it, Dalton. We've got a new refresher course set up in the basement. Either give it a run or get back to your ship. Dismissed."

The dialogue ends here, and you get the control of John Dalton. From here, you get the ability to save the game.

Sector Commander Hawkins then asks you a question:

Hawkins: "Do you want to take the training run or get back to your ship?"

You now have two options of sentences to say: 1 - Tutorial or 2 - Return to ship. It is suggested that you answer to take the tutorial or you will skip a training level. You answer:

Dalton (1): "I could use a refresher."
Dalton (2): "I should be getting back."

Commander Hawkins says:

Hawkins (1): "All right. Dismissed."
Hawkins (2): "Safe journey, John."

Either way, you will get the "New Objective" message in your HUD. If you open your objective log, you will see that you have these objectives:

HUD: "Go to the elevator"
HUD (1): "[Incomplete] Run through the TCA training program"
HUD (2): "[Incomplete] Return to the ship"

Close the log and look around. You are in the tower of the TCA headquarters, with 3 more creatures in the room. One of them is Sector Commander Hawkins you just talked to. If you talk to him again, he just drops the same line you would get if you answered to go to the ship to his first question. Another human here is a Heavy Marine. If you talk to him, he will salute you and say:

Heavy Marine: "Glad you could drop by, Marshal."

The last creature here is a technician Kai. If you try to talk to it, you will only hear some hissing, probably in Kai language. You can take a look at the middle screen in the control room. It is displaying the Planetary Cannon that protects Odyssey IV from enemy attacks.

You have no other way to take than through the door you saw yourself coming in in the first place. Walk through and down the stairs, where you will meet two more marines, this time light, patrolling the area. You can look around the area. You will see that you are on an open platform with a good view of the surface. If you went to the back of the platform, you would see the Planetary Cannon you saw a few moments ago on the screen, as well as your own dropship. You might consider thoroughly looking at the landscape while you're here so you would be prepared when you get back to Avalon after your journeys. After you're done admiring the view, go down the stairs and try not to fall off as it means a certain death. You will soon reach another light marine equipped with a Combat Assault Rifle and the elevator. Walk in and you will get the "Objective Complete" message in your HUD. Now press the button inside the elevator to activate it. You are taken down, and seconds later another level loads. If you chose to take the tutorial, follow here. If not, go to the second level.

Tips and tricks Edit

"Unlike most other levels, nothing is out to kill you in this mission. That doesn't mean you can't accidentally kill yourself! Stay away from the edges of the open platforms, and avoid jumping when you're running outside the headquarters building. It's a long way to the ground, and you can easily end your TCA career prematurely if you behave recklessly."
- Unreal II Prima Official guide
  • Beware when you walk out of the platform in the first mission. You can easily kill yourself.

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