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"Once an endless field of obsidian left behind by the volcanic activity of a young planet, now a cold and desolate wasteland of permafrost and broken stone."
- Map description

BR-Bifrost (whose full name is Bifrost Bases) is a map appearing in the following games:

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  • The rooftop of the bases are open, allowing for a quick access to the goal hoop. This opening acts as an effective shortcut for the defenders, in the event an enemy Ball carrier manages to slip into your base. Use a Translocator to reach the rooftop, if necessary.
  • There are Super Shield packs on top of the bases. Grab them often.

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"BR-Endagra/Bifrost. Bombing Run! A very fun gametype that was perfected in UT2004 when passing was fixed / done right. I designed the bases to be hard to enter. With short cuts for attacker without the bomb, to soften the defenders from behind. Scoring requires team work and a good aim. In the PC version the glass was removed out of the big dome, making the map rather easy to score on instead of hard. The outside was designed by Dave Ewing. It was a fun collaboration.

I was responsible for half of the layout / meshing / lighting and all the bug fixing."
- Checker's Chapel[1]

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  1. Portfolio DarkSector(mmo) UC and UT2003 @ Checker's Chapel

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