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"Whether attacking by ground or through the air via boost tunnels, expect heavy resistance as your opponents take advantage of terrain and technology to block your path. Maps will be available for those with poor navigational skills."
- Map description

BR-Colossus (whose full name is Colossus) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Map description Edit

Colossus is a versatile map to master every tactic in a team game: be it offense, defense or movement. A huge facility beautifully designed upon a rocky terrain exemplifies the need for strategic teamplay. With the notable exception of the Sniper Rifle, almost everything else is available on the map. It takes just a few Translocator clicks to grab them all in time. Want to pick enemies from afar using the Lightning Gun? Want to show off your evasive skills and make a sneak delivery at the enemy goal? Or do you simply want to provide cover to your allies the old school manner- with Link Gun, Minigun, Flak Cannon and Redeemer? Your call.

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • Grab the Super Shield pack as well as Double Damage whenever possible.
  • Considering the highly uneven terrain, it is quite easy for the enemies to evade your line of sight. The Alt-Fire of the Link Gun might come in handy.
  • The Minigun is effective for mowing down multiple enemies. But watch out for the ammo.
  • If you are already in the enemy base deep enough, scouting near the enemy goal hoop might fetch you an extra supply of otherwise scarce Minigun ammo and Health packs. Unless you carry the Ball, the enemies won't pester you much.
  • Avoid the slow Jump Chutes at all costs, while carrying in the Ball. They simply slow you down for the enemies to jump in and obliterate you.
  • Use the Translocator in quick launches to reach the weapons and ammo located on the platforms as well as at the extreme ends of the bases, instead of running.
  • The Link Gun is extremely effective against the enemies who go after your ally Ball carrier. However, the gun is an ammo hog. So use it wisely.
  • Using the Adrenaline combo "Speed" works better when you are on the terrain and closer to the goal.
  • You can shoot the Ball upward while standing under the goal hoop. It only fetches three points, but saves the trouble of going for the longer seven point dunk. This scenario is subjective, though overlooked by newcomers and AI bots who could otherwise make a score.

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