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"The static towers of the Marakan flow have proven to be one of the most popular venues in the Tournaments since their introduction last season. The true nature of the modern gladiator is revealed as participants butcher their way to victory. Whether competing in CTF or Bombing Run competitions, players must keep one thing in mind at all times as they do battle in the poisonous skies of Purgatory -- It's a long way down."
- Map description

BR-DE-ElecFields (whose full name is ElecFields) is a map appearing in the following games:

Map description Edit

This mid sized open arena is a metallic structure located way high above the ground. The clunky pathways and platforms always pose a threat to the players who get caught in some overwhelming action.

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  • The Minigun chamber located on both sides is also the one and only respawn area for the bots. A player with maxed out defense and Minigun can infiltrate the enemy's Minigun chamber and mow down all bots that respawn inside. The more allies you have by your side, the greater the carnage. This simply translates to lesser competition for the Ball seeker/carrier out on the open arena. Another perk of this approach is that the players involved in the mass murder can earn the coveted "Ludicrous Kill" or even "HOLY SHIT!!" kill streak awards.

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  • This map is available in UT2003, only through the DE Bonus Pack. The standard UT2004 package readily features this map as a part of the Single Player ladder.
  • This map is also used in Capture The Flag gametype.

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