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"Feel the gentle breeze on your skin, hear the claiming sounds of the forest, watch the fireflies dance in the clearing and surrender yourself to a growing sense of serenity. Now ... collect your Flak Cannon and wreak havoc!"
- Map description

BR-Serenity (whose full name is Serenity) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004.

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  • This map is well suited for evasive gameplay, whether you are carrying the Ball or not. There is plenty of room to dodge incoming gunfire as well as to outrun the enemies.
  • Find and grab the Minigun from the arches located at both bases. It will come in handy for mid range attack.
  • The Redeemer is quite easy to get hold of. So keep an eye on it.
  • Pick up the Health Vials and Adrenaline as much as possible.

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