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"A new addition to the Tournament, the Ball Launcher is only available in the Bombing Run Mode. Once you've picked up the ball, the Ball Launcher is automatically selected from your arsenal. While you're in possession of the ball, you cannot use any other weapon. Pressing the Fire button will launch the ball, either at another teammate for a pass, or through the opposing team's goal."
- UC manual.

The Ball Launcher is a device which appears in Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Overview Edit

The Ball Launcher is a ball launching gun used specifically for the Bombing Run game type. When the player grabs the ball, the player's weapon switches to the Ball Launcher and is kept until the player dies or releases the ball, either by passing it or by throwing it. The player cannot access any of his other weapons as long as he carries the ball, thus making him impossible to attack. As a balance, as long as the player carries the ball, the health is gradually restored to 100 points, whenever it falls below 100.

The player can use the Ball Launcher to 'throw' the ball, or specifically 'pass' the ball to other players, or simply shoot the ball through the goal hoop. The secondary fire assigns an ally to receive the ball pass from the player, and the primary fire allows the ball to be shot towards the target. The ball can be freely shot towards the ally even without locking on him as the the ball target.

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  • Since the ball follows a non-linear trajectory, similar to the Alt Fire from the Flak Cannon, any long free throws should be made carefully.

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