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Bastiaan Frank (also called Checker) is a level designer and artist who worked at Digital Extremes and Epic Games.

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Bastiaan was born in the Netherlands in 1980.[1] During most of his life, he was interested in creating environments. Starting out with Unreal's editor and a set of tutorials from a Dutch PC-game magazine in his late teens, it wasn't until Unreal Tournament that his maps started getting attention and recognition.[2] It wasn't long before he was approached by Digital Extremes to do contract work for Dark Sector (which was designed to be an mmo using Unreal Engine 1.0 at the time). He took the job after finishing high school, but when DE got the task to make the Xbox version of Unreal Tournament 2003 (what later became Unreal Championship), Bastiaan was assigned to the UC team and moved to Canada to work on-site. Other DE titles he worked on were the renewed Dark Sector[3], Pariah and Unreal Tournament 2004[4].

In May, 2007, Bastiaan was hired by Epic Games, where he got to squash bugs on the last Unreal Tournament 3 maps. With more level designers now working on a map, Checker is now mostly involved in creating lay-outs rather than visuals and meshes. He has made several layouts for multiplayer maps for Gears of War 2, as well as the layout of UT3's DM-KBarge.[5] After working on GoW2, visa problems made him depart from Epic and join Bioware[6]. He worked on the Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Anthem series.[7]

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Maps created by Bastiaan Frank
Unreal Tournament 2003:
BR-Bifrost • CTF-Geothermal (UT200X map) • DM-DE-Ironic • DM-Oceanic • DOM-ScorchedEarth (UT200X map)
Unreal Tournament 2004:
BR-Bifrost • BR-BridgeOfFate • CTF-BridgeOfFate • CTF-Geothermal (UT200X map) • DM-DE-Ironic • DM-DesertIsle • DM-Oceanic • DOM-Aswan • DOM-ScorchedEarth (UT200X map)

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