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The Behemoth is an enemy in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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Behemoths are the strongest and largest of the Brute class, and can be recognized easily by its full set of blue armor. These Brutes are very rare though: there are only 2 of them in Unreal, and they fight alongside the Krall and Skaarj in Dasa Pass. Conflict between these species starts to grow as the Behemoths keep on breaking the drawbridge (which the Skaarj then have to repair) and "live like slobs". Prisoner 849 encounters, and puts an end to, these Behemoths at the end of the Cellars at Dasa Pass, where she fights both of them at once.

In Return to Na Pali, Behemoth appearances are a lot less rare, especially in the Skaarj Tarydium processing plant Foundry and its bounds, where a total number of 8 Behemoths guard the different parts of the facility. There are two more to be fought in the campaign, including one in the opening level.

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Defeating these Behemoths will prove to be challenging. Their health is vastly superior to that of the other Brutes, and their size, though making it easier to hit them, will make the fight even more difficult because it will now often block entire passages with its body (which makes the first encounter in Dasa Pass particularly more difficult). They also can lead enemies with their rockets, causing them to become even more of a threat than Brutes.

Just like the other Brutes, the Behemoth will rapid-fire rockets while walking towards the target. And just like the Brute, the Behemoth is resistant to explosions. However, where the Brute could still be defeated using more explosive weapons, the Behemoth has 1.5x as much health as the Brute. Using heavy fire from the Eightball Gun or Flak Cannon will take loads and loads of ammunition. It's crucial to use other weapons (such as the Bio Rifle or ASMD) to prevent wasting large amounts of ammo.

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