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"Bishop considers himself a Crusader, a Knight Templar on a mission from god. Those falling outside of his close circle of friends, or worse, those serving on an opposing force in a battle, are subject to his brand of divine justice. No church would ever sanction his methods. His tactics usually fall just within the limits of legality and wartime treaty convention, but they never fit well within a civilized society or regular army. Thus Bishop found himself on the fringes of known space, serving as a mercenary by day and an exceedingly unpopular army chaplain by night."
- Character description

Bishop is character that appears in Unreal Tournament 3.

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He is a part the of the Izanagi's Ronin team. He appears to be a zealous man dedicated to his duty as a mercenary and has a strict sense of justice. He had unusual methods and tactics in war that made him be rejected from society and the army and the church.

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"Every sinner shows in my sights, eventually."
- End of Chapter 4, Calculated losses

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  • He's voiced by Nolan North, who voiced Marvel Comics' character Deadpool and DC Comics' character Green Lantern in many media; and Desmond Miles, from the Assassin's Creed series, among other roles.

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