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"Engineered with love by the Skaarj for one purpose: carnage. Your best chance for survival against these massive killing machines is to take advantage of their poor agility."
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The Brute is an enemy in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

Overview Edit

Brutes are giant creatures used by the Skaarj. They use handheld missile launchers, holding one in each hand. At long range, a Brute fires its missiles in 3 different ways: one is to fire them one after the other, another way for is to hold a single missile launcher "gangsta-style" and fire it rapidly, and the third for them to use the missile launchers is to rear up and fire the guns at extremely high speed.

They first appear in the Depths of Rrajigar and can be found guarding many of the Skaarj's facilities throughout Unreal, including the Mothership Core, making them a crucial part of the Skaarj's defense. In Return to Na Pali, Brutes appear less frequently, as their roles have mostly been taken over by the stronger Behemoths.

Brutes are stronger than Lesser Brutes and weaker than Behemoths, but have more in common with Behemoths. They wield stronger rocket launchers than the Lesser Brutes, dealing more damage. They also maneuver slightly slower and wear more armor. Not only does this improve their health (Brutes have roughly twice as much health as Lesser Brutes), but it also makes them more resistant to explosions.

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  • Damage with explosive weapons do 30 percent less damage than usual, making weapons such as the Eightball Gun and Flak Cannon ill-advised to use in combat. It's still possible to take a Brute down using these weapons, but it will cost more ammunition.
  • As Brutes are slow-moving, they are relatively easy to hit with projectile weapons. It is wisest to keep one's distance from them as much as possible, and to look for and duck behind cover to avoid getting hit by its many rockets.

Trivia Edit

  • The Brute was originally/internally called the "Big Man".[1]
  • The Brute's growling sound originates from a recording of Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon snoring away on one of the couches.[2]

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