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The CAS12 Shotgun is a weapon from the Chaos UT mod, which comes with Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition. It's added to the arsenal once the latest version of the mod is installed.

Overview Edit

"It’s gonna hurt. Get your point across quick with the CUT Automatic Shotgun, aka the CAS12. This 12 gauge beauty comes with a clip full of standard shells, and there are 2 additional ammo types available to pick up.

Primary Fire:
Fires one shell at a time, hold key down for automatic fire. When you select the CAS12, your HUD will display a row of shotgun shells, color coded to indicate which ammo type is loaded. This represents the number of rounds left in your current clip. As you fire, the shells will be removed one by one, until your clip is empty. If you have more ammo, your gun will automatically reload when the clip runs out.

Alternate Fire:
However, even though the automatic reloading is quick, if it happens at the wrong time, it can be costly, and painful. But you don’t have to wait. Simply hit the Alt Fire key when you’ve got time, then you’re fully loaded and ready for battle.

To rotate between ammo types, simply continue pressing the shotgun’s select key.
Default key is the “7”
Ammo Types:

Standard shotgun shell, green in color. They do less damage than the other 2 types, but you’ll get more per clip.

Armor Piercing:
Armor Piercing shells are blue in color, and are more powerful than a standard shell. These are also the most accurate of all three ammo types.

Explosive shells are red in color. They are the most powerful of the bunch, but are also the least accurate, and have less shells per clip. Use them wisely."
Chaotic Dreams[1]

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