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"The paths of this team-based arena follow a natural stream and the hollows are carved directly from the rocks of the surrounding mountainside. While the space is still under heavy construction, the Liandri board has opened the grounds for sanctioned practice matches, giving combatants and designers a completely blank slate to work from."
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CTF-Blank (whose full name is Blank) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

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  • The map was officially introduced with the 2014 November 7th. update.[1]

Version changelog Edit

  • 14/11/14:
    • Less cover on middle bridge, better access to new side entrance. etc..
    • Hacked in support for "pushing" water.
    • Fixed water collision bugs and made jump in middle easier.
    • Moved armors, lighting tweaks, misc polish stuff.
  • 21/11/14:
    • Tweaks to bases.
    • Fixed water blocking weapons fire.
    • Rebuilt lighting, paths etc.
    • Tweaked water acceleration to be 10% faster.
  • 12/12/14:
    • Fixed blocked jump pad (blue midfield).
    • Added missing water volume in center.
    • Misc BSP cleanup.
  • 31/3/15:
    • Updated with spline mesh.
  • 1/5/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 28/5/15:
    • Can no longer get out of map.
    • Fixed window exploit.
  • 25/6/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 27/10/15:
    • Spawn adjustments, fixed the spawn out of the world issue.
  • 29/2/16:
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.
  • 31/3/16:
    • Fixed visibility of water.

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  1. update release notes @ UT Wiki

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