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"In spite of its size and open air storage areas, this maze-like industrial complex is a claustrophobe's nightmare."
- Map description

CTF-ChemicalDawn (whose full name is Chemical Dawn) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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"The combat arena system glitched after the first score and the rules have gone haywire. But you're a professional, and the show must go on."
- Mission description

Win to unlock the Friendly Fire Damage, Looting, Radioactive, Random Pickup Respawn and Volatile mutators.

Devastation's Ladder Edit

"Due to antiquated tournament regulations, your next few rounds are team matches. You will be forced to work with inferior biological combatants, supposedly as equals."
- Mission description

Win this match to unlock Syzygy as a bot.

Raiden's Ladder Edit

"The special rules in this match limit your ability to leap through the air. You'll have to depend on teleportation to move around quickly."
- Mission description

Sapphire's Ladder Edit

"You are the fastest member of your team, so for capture the flag matches, you're clearly the designated flag runner. Get in, get out, and have your teammates cover your return home."
- Mission description

Win this match to unlock Judas as a bot.

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