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CTF-Dam (whose full name is Dam) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

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  • This is one of the initial CTF maps.

Version changelog Edit

  • 26/9/14:
    • Midfield tweaks, BV fixes.
  • 16/10/14:
    • Swapped out old lift meshes.
    • Added missing shallow water volumes now that we have audio cues.
  • 19/12/14:
    • Major re-work, especially midfield.
  • 9/1/15:
    • Fixed snaggy BSP spots.
    • Added bot pathing.
    • Rebuilt with Minimize BSPSections=false.
  • 1/5/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 28/5/15:
    • Flag base tweaks.
  • 25/6/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
    • Tweaked pathing to fix a ramp that wouldn't build and added a lift jump to the vials near the flak cannon.
  • 8/9/15:
    • Fixed mismatched elevator speeds behind flag.
  • 1/2/16:
    • Fixed translocator disk collision.
  • 29/2/16:
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.
  • 10/11/16:
    • Removed from default map rotations.

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