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"The sacred Tomb of the Emperors in the capitol city is now used for less tranquil purposes."
- Map description

CTF-Emperor (whose full name is Tomb of the Emperors) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict . It comes with the UC2 Demo.

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Ascension Rites Edit

"Another capture the flag match, but this time it's against the pinnacle of robotic evolution: Devastation. The Liandri Corporation wants to place one of their domestic robots in every home, and a tournament victory would certainly prove the quality of this model's AI programming. You're standing in their way, and Sobek hasn't been faring to well fighting them by himself."
- Mission description

As the above description says, it's the continuation of the promotional video for Liandri robots.

Female voice: "Liandri."
Male announcer: "We pioneered household robotics."
Female voice: "Liandri."
Male announcer: "Liandri research is proud to present the newest member of our family. Simply the most advanced android, ever. She's so smart, and so durable, that we even entered her in the grand Tournament. Household chores will never be the same."

Win this match to unlock Devastation.

Challenges Edit

"You were none too happy to come all the way to this backwater planet, just to find out that the Ascension Rites can only be won by weakling Nakhti citizens. Now you have a chance to vent your rage, and prove that there are no better warriors than the Skaarj."
- Mission description

Devastation's Ladder Edit

"The Liandri have instructed you to lower your efficiency levels against your next opponents. They apparently have further plans for this Anubis, and do not want any permanent damage inflicted. Defeat them gently."
- Mission description

Sapphire's Ladder Edit

"The opposing team in this round is just as fast as you are, and much faster than your teammates. You'll need to devise a new gameplan to succeed in this match."
- Mission description

Sobek's Ladder Edit

"The resting place of the Nakhti emperors is a sacred building that once could only be visited by high priests. The Liandri search for tournament venues has claimed another victim."
- Mission description

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