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CTF-Face, also called "Facing Worlds" is, arguably, the most well-known map in the Unreal franchise, let alone Unreal Tournament. Liked by many for its simple, symmetric design, and similarly reviled by some for its exploitative design that appeals to snipers and campers. Its popularity was such that hordes of people would buy the game just to play this particular map in Capture the Flag mode. Being highly popular among critics and fans, this map has various remakes as bonus pack maps of UT and official maps in Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Tournament 3, and Unreal Tournament 4, and games with third-party content support can be expected to have at least one fan remake/demake. With such a level of popularity, it has gathered quite a lot of mentions in different media:

Gamebyte Edit

  • It was mentioned as the sixth best multiplayer FPS map ever made:
"Unreal Tournament was one of the founding fathers of the first person shooter genre, so we have a lot of respect to pay when it comes to the franchise’s incredible map design.

One of the best maps to come out of Unreal Tournament is Facing Worlds. This map was incredibly simple and quite small, but this made it perfect. Like some of the other maps in this list so far, sometimes simplicity is key to making a good map.

Facing Worlds was often played as a Capture the Flag map.

Trying to capture the enemy flag and take it back to your base always proved difficult because you’d constantly have players overlooking the entire map. Players had to kill enough of the enemy team so that there was enough time during their respawn to get the flag across. There is something very exhilarating about this that has made Facing Worlds one of the best FPS multiplayer maps of all time."

Gameskinny Edit

  • It was mentioned as the craziest FPS Maps in competitive history:
"Considered one of the best FPS maps of all time, Facing Worlds is also one of the most creative. Taking a two tower capture the flag approach, Facing Worlds provides a sense of adrenaline as you speed through the huge towers in hopes of victory. Connecting these grand towers is two paths set in the grand nothing of space. With the UT beta available to download, you can once again experience this great map in all it's Unreal Engine 4 glory."

Gamespy Edit

  • It was mentioned as the fifth best Capture the Flag level of FPS history:
"If you like to snipe, Facing Worlds must be a lot like dying and going to heaven. Two tall towers float lonely in space, separated by a very long, open crossroads. Trying to cross between bases is difficult, at best, and nearly impossible if the other team has even one good sniper.

Snipers… beware the Redeemer!"

G4TV Edit

  • It was mentioned as one of the most influential levels of FPS history:
"The striking visuals may have helped make the map popular, but it is commonly cited for being extremely balanced, for having respawn points that funnel players back into the action quickly, and for also having plenty of positions for snipers.

Facing Worlds had a lasting affect on Capture the Flag map design to the present day, and was popular enough to be remade in Unreal Tournament 3. Fan versions of Facing Worlds can often be found where modders and first person shooters intersect."

Kotaku Edit

  • The site dedicated an entire article to explain why the map was so popular.[5]
  • The Australian version of the site named it the best FPS mumtiplayer map:
"You know, I tried to think of other maps. I actively avoided writing about Facing Worlds for as long as possible. What Call of Duty 2 maps stood the test of time. Carentan (or Chinatown, as it was remade) was pretty good — how about that? I had a little debate in my head about the merits of picking Anzio over Avalanche for Day of Defeat — both excellent, excellent maps, although Day of Defeat wasn't held in quite as high a regard.

I even had a discussion with others in the office about picking Morpheus, another Unreal Tournament map that plays a lot better than Facing Worlds. Campgrounds 2 from Quake 3 certainly is worthy of a mention, as is Q3DM17, the classic space level that shipped with the test version of Quake 3.

But there isn't anything quite as memorable, a map so synonymous with a game as Facing Worlds. I still don't think it plays that well — good snipers can absolutely dominate, and when they don't it's generally because everyone is translocating every two seconds to dodge enemy fire.

When you think of Unreal Tournament, or the Unreal series in general, the first image that comes to mind is the shot of those two towers with the planet in the background. It might even be the most iconic image any map has ever created — and for that alone, despite all its other flaws, Facing Worlds has to be mentioned."
Kotaku Australia[6]

PCGamer Edit

  • Much like Kotaku, the map was the subject of an entire article dedicated to its influence and ever lasting appeal.[7]
  • It also received a video conmemorating it.[8]
Why UT's Facing Worlds is one of the best multiplayer maps ever

Why UT's Facing Worlds is one of the best multiplayer maps ever

Red Bull Games Edit

  • It was named the best FPS multiplayer map ever:
"Saving the best for last, when we think of stellar multiplayer FPS maps, we immediately think of Unreal Tournament’s classic Capture The Flag staple, Facing Worlds. No other map showed off the game’s intense capture the flag mode better than Facing Worlds: an epic outer-space battle arena set on an orbiting asteroid with two Egyptian-themed towers leering at each other. Everything about this map has a purpose, from the slight slope that crests in the middle of the map, preventing you from seeing what’s over the other side when teleporting, to the juicy, ripe Redeemers sitting on top of both towers. There’s simply nowhere to camp – you can run behind the towers, but if you do you’ll be completely out of the action.

Fine-tuned for CTF, you had to hop and frag your way to the enemy tower to steal their flag, and of course, with huge towers propped up on either side, you’d have to ninja your way past enemy sniper fire to actually be in with a chance of getting that flag back to your base – and epic encounters like this helped solidify Facing Worlds as one of the game’s most groundbreaking maps. With the Earth shining brightly in the background, CTF-Face is easily cemented in gaming history as one of the greatest FPS maps ever."
Red Bull Games[9]

WatchMojo Edit

  • gave it a honorable mention on their list, with the Unreal map spot in the list proper taken by, of all maps, DM-Morpheus.[10]

WhatCulture Edit

  • It was named as the best multiplayer FPS map of all time:
"First playing this map back in 1999 was literally an out-of-this-world experience. Online multiplayer was just getting started, and maps until that point were mostly confined to claustrophobic little arenas. ...And then Facing Worlds came along. The map was a carved meteor with two formidable towers facing each other. The Earth, moon, and void of deep dark space made up the background, giving it a sense of grandiosity like no map before it (and frankly, few maps to this day). The music too was mesmerising - a spacey, drum n' bass-filled tone that gave the level an almost tranquil quality; a strange way to feel after you've just blasted five peoples' heads apart with a sniper rifle from the top of one of the towers. A truly beautiful Capture The Flag map, and landmark piece of online shooter design."

ZoominGames Edit

  • It was named the map the fifth greatest FPS multiplayer map ever:
"Unreal Tournament took competitive shooting out of claustrophobic corridors with Facing Worlds. The Earth and moon gave this map an epic feel and it was damn fun to play too. It was great to snipe people from the top of one of the towers and we loved getting the Redeemer and blowing everybody to bits. A truly beautiful Capture The Flag map, and landmark moment for online shooters."

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