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"This Liandri waste plant is a popular arena, perhaps for its lethal disintegration unit."
Map description

CTF-GauntletII (whose full name is The Steel Gauntlet) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

Map description Edit

The Steel Gauntlet is a direct sequel to The Iron Gauntlet from Unreal Tournament. The layout remained the same, but the new high tech look is totally different, especially the outside parts surrounded by team colored force fields. Instead of the lava pool, there is now a pit with lasers. There is no escape out of it. This is the only unsymmetrical CTF map in the game.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Floating between two grates above the Desintegration Unit.
On a beam above the upper Central Hall.

Walkthrough Edit

Brock's Ladder Edit

"The Iron Gauntlet was always an arena where Thunder Crash struggled. You're certainly not troubled by your past, so don't let your new team fail in this fortress of bad memories."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock Memphis as a bot.

Raptor's Ladder Edit

"Four flag captures are required to win in this match. Lilith can provide effective offense with her speed and agility. You are best served using your strength, and your radar, on defense."
Mission description

Szalor's Ladder Edit

"This capture the flag match will be played with sudden death rules, a concept with which all enemies of the Skaarj queen will become intimately familiar."
Mission description

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Use Nimble or wall jumps to reach the UDamage.
  • To get the Super Health, use the Jump Attack or wall jump between the two grates.
  • There is a chimney in the red courtyard, use it to get to the upper level. Flag defenders can hide thereself on the steel beams above the flag, use Nimble to get there.

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