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This article covers content which was scrapped from Unreal Tournament 4.
These items might have been considered at some point, as there is proof of them in betas or screenshots, but for some reason were not featured in any Unreal game.
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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 4.

CTF-Lance (whose full name is Lance) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

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  • The map was introduced in the June 25, 2015 update of the game, and removed in the February 22, 2017 update.

Version changelog[edit | edit source]

  • 29/7/15:
    • Increased height of tower by 400 units.
    • Raised water slide jump so it's inaccessible from ground below.
    • Brightened up lighting a bit
    • Layout/lighting polish.
    • Raised lower base up and reduced vertical distances, more space to dodge and less steep ramps.
    • Changed top of tower to single steep ramp, made steep glass surface on tower base slippery.
  • 24/8/15:
    • Reworked tower base, pushing flag and spawn areas further back and making things a little more open overall.
    • Fixed out of environment bug
  • 29/2/16:
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.
  • 10/11/16:
    • Removed from default map rotations.

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