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"Morbias Station Gamma is a transport hub that services overflow traffic passing through Taryd's jumpgates. The Station offers a terrestrial shuttle, storage facilities (with quarantine services for live cargo), and a social center where guests can meet incoming visitors or hold private meetings in a neutral setting."
Map description

CTF-Morbid (whose full name is Morbid) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 . It comes with the UT3 Titan Pack.

Map description Edit

This is an adaptation of DM-Morbias into CTF adapted for play with the Titan mutator. The layout remains (mostly) the same, with two elevator areas and a middle dome. The main difference is that it includes two sets of three blast doors which can only be operated by Titan players (not even Behemoth players can open them).

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 4
A: 8
Weapon: 1x Near the Red flag. 1x Near the Blue flag. 1x In front of the Red base entrance. 1x In front of the Blue base entrance.
Ammo: 1x Near the Red flag. 1x Near the Blue flag. 2x Middle, upper level. 4x Middle, lower level, behind the windows.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Middle area, 4 at the east, 4 at the west.
Middle area, center.

(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Time and learn when to properly use the Jump Boots. You're going to need them if you don't play with the Titan mutator.
  • Try to sneak into the Blue base with a lot of energy. You're going to need a lot of health to, at least, catch the flag.
  • As a Titan, keep your enemies distracted while your non-Titan/non-Behemoth teammates catch the flag. Then, if they ran out of boots in the lower floor, cover them while you open the blast doors for them.
  • This map favors basecamping with the Titan mutator.
  • Because the opponent only has one way to enter to the base (via the entrance above the blast doors) defenders can trap unskilled players.

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Readme Notes Edit

"Designed for use with the Titan mutator, Morbid includes heavy blast doors that can only be operated by Titans."
Titan Pack Readme

Preview notes Edit

"CTF-Morbid is a Morbias remake explicitly designed for Titans, in that impenetrable doors to the flag rooms can be only opened by the giants, and no lifts or other escape methods exist for the flag carrier. Those seeking to avoid a Titan's gaze can utilise the Translocator, though the number of rockets bounding between bases makes any movement challenging, even with few players. If a player reaches Behemoth status, no enemy will be safe from its ground attack, capable of killing all who dare enter the central area."
"The Morbid CTF map - a tiny map restricted to rocket launchers, with doors that can only be opened by a Titan standing nearby. When one character morphed again, into the Behemoth, taking up about 5 per cent of the overall volume of the map, it just became a comical farce. Polge admits that it's a novelty map, and it might not bear much repetition, but using the Titan to get through doors is something that could be taken up in other maps."

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