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"All Liandri fossil fuel extractors dotting the planet's surface send their products here for processing."
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CTF-Octane (whose full name is Octane) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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Arclite's Ladder Edit

"The fuel that powers your massive armor is refined in this facility. Be careful not to damage it, or your teammates, during the match."
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Brock's Ladder Edit

"It's time to face your old team, Thunder Crash. To intimidate Malcolm and Lauren, you have asked that this match be played sudden death. First flag capture wins."
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Gorge's Ladder Edit

"Apparently no one told Jackhammer you were being sarcastic. He's back with another new team. Send him strike three in this speed match, then move on to some real competition."
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Lauren's Ladder Edit

"Malcolm is looking for someone to take Brock's spot on Thunder Crash. He has asked you to team with tournament newcomers, and see who has potential for the spotlight. Raptor and Darius are today's candidates."
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