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"The broken strata and organic growth of these ruins mark the untold history of the Necris rise to power on Omicron. Just like the Prophet's philosophies during the Great Awakening, the Necris nanotech first spread out to cover existing architecture, and then used it as a foundation upon which to form its own."
- Map description

CTF-Vertebrae (whose full name is Vertebrae) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 .

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(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

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"She's running out of places to hide. Akasha and her last few Dark Phalanx blades are entrenched in the underbelly of old Absalom. The necris are letting us fight it out for now, but keep your eyes peeled for new combatants."
- Mission description

You have just arrived to Absalom, and are closer to Akasha's own hideout. This is the only mission where you can use the Instagib card, so you may want to play it if you have problems with "all weapons" settings.

Bishop: "This is the sacred old city."
Jester: "I bet no Terran has ever seen this planet."
Reaper: "At least nobody that lived to talk about it."

The mission takes place on a complicated map, but on a few runs it becomes fairly easy, so play some Instant Action matches offline in order to get used to the layout. It's an interesting design, in that it is primarily vertical rather than horizontal. You'll have to use your translocator if you intend to navigate quickly. One interesting feature is that the flag room contains a wall which you can shoot through but can't walk through. Another such wall has slits in it for you to throw your translocator through as a shortcut into enemy territory, although the intermediate room has a low gravity. Bots will use this when attacking the enemy base.

Jester can successfully capture flags and makes it pretty far on her own, so if you assist her you can complete any captures she fails. Once you learn the route you can make a pretty quick run yourself while the others guard your back. After the first capture from your team, the following dialog ensues:

Jester: "The bases are separated by a lifeshield."
Othello: "I can shoot through it... but we can't walk through it?"
Reaper: "Just be glad we're not fighting robots."

Obviously the quickest way down is to fall, but you can throw your translocator to ground level as long as you're not carrying a flag. You can fall down\translocate up in increments. The elevators will also provide a quick way to the upper levels, and seem to be both faster and easier. Bots won't use them because of pathing issues and their unreliability as a primary means of transportation, especially in large numbers. For once, this gives you an advantage for being human.[1]

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