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"The traditional opposing temples of the two viper gods provide a perfect battleground for capture the flag matches."
Map description

CTF-ViperPit (whose full name is The Viper Pit) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict . It comes with the UC2 Demo.

Map description Edit

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
4x Red Base. 4x Blue Base.
1x Top outside area of the Red Base. 1x Top outside area of the Blue Base.
4x Red Base. 4x Blue Base.
4x Red Base. 4x Blue Base.
8x Red Base. 8x Blue Base.
1x Blue Upper Flag Room. 1x Red Upper Flag Room.
On a pedestal beneath the bridge.

Walkthrough Edit

Ascension Rites Edit

"This next match uses Capture the Flag rules. Points are given only for taking the enemy's flag and touching it to yours in your base. In the interests of improving relations, the teams both have Nakhti and Liandri members."
Mission description

The prologue to this map is just an advertisement about Liandri's robots.

Lauren's Ladder Edit

"Raptor showed promise in the last match. Time to see how well her programming handles the tactical complexity of sudden death Capture the Flag."
Mission description

Selket's Ladder Edit

"You've added Hyena to your team, another weak-willed Nakhti who will help you in your rise through the tournament. With an adrenaline boost you can take enough jumps to cross the gap between bases and win this match easily, even with this team slowing you down."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Adrenaline Jumps mutator.

Sobek's Ladder Edit

"In the interests of improving relations, the teams in this Capture the Flag match both have Nakhti and Liandri members. But you'd rather die before trusting a Liandri bot, even if it's a teammate."
Mission description

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Use Nimble or the Jump Attack to reach the UDamage.
  • To get to the Super Healths you can either climb the chimneys next to them with walljumps or walk up the steel ropes of the bridge.
  • Nimble is a very powerful tool in this map. With it the UDamage and the Super Health Packs can easily be reached and it helps Flag Runners to cross the outside area very fast.
  • Ammunition is rare in this map, so don't waste it.

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