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"Primary Fire: Fire
Alternate Fire: Use Scope

The Chaos Sniper is a deadly weapon. If you pop your target in the head, it’s lights out. But since the rounds from this rifle ricochet, you can set up some nasty killing shots using the walls to bounce your bullets into your target. There are two different types of ammo for this weapon, the normal sniper ammo (with the ricochet feature) and the RPBs (Rocket-Propelled Bullets) that travel at an extreme velocity. These things can penetrate multiple unarmored targets, but leave a smoke trail pointing back at you. Alternate fire will activate your scope. Press alternate fire multiple times to choose zoom depth, then last alternate fire for normal sight."
- Weapon description

The Chaos Sniper V2 is a weapon that comes with the Chaos UT mod for Unreal Tournament.

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