"ChaosUT is a mutator that you can activate on any of your Unreal Tournament maps. This mod adds a bunch of cool weapons and some other cool effects. There’s no theme behind ChaosUT, other than massive mayhem and fun! To use this mod, activate the ChaosUT Mutator from your list of mutators. Here’s a brief rundown on what’s in the mod. You’ll want to mess around with it though, to find out all of the details for yourself."
- UT: GOTY manual

Chaos UT is a mutator included in Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition.

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The GOTY version of the mod is composed by four mutators: ChaosUT, Sword Arena, Sword Melee and No Health. Version 1.1 retains the ChaosUT, Sword Melee and No Health mutators while adding Arena Mutator and Grapple Only.

The eponymous ChaosUT works by swapping specific weapons with Chaos weapons in any standard map in any gametype. Seven (nine with version 1.1) Chaos weapons come with the mod, listed below. Sword Arena removes every weapon and pickup from the map and gives the players the Bastard Sword. Sword Melee replaces the Impact Hammer with the Bastard Sword as the melee weapon, and No Health removes every health pickup (Health Vial, Health Pack and Big Keg o' Health) from the map. Grapple Only allows the players to use the Hook on non-Chaos maps.

Starting with version 1.1 there are CUT variants of the six regular gametypes plus new gametypes King of the Hill, Team KOTH, Sword Arena and Team Sword Arena. The game's take on KOTH is more similar to Domination than KOTH, as the players must stay inside of a zone for a determinate amount of time in order to win.

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The maps come with the UT: Game of the Year Edition and the GOTY Mappack for non-GOTY editions of UT.

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  • The GravBelt is a nod to CTF-LavaGiant, which specifically says that combatants are issued these belts in order to be able to fight.
  • The Grappling Hook and Armor Shard are taken from the Quake series.
  • A more advanced version of the Vortex is the Singularity Cannon from Unreal II: The Awakening.

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