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The GOTY version of the mod consists of four mutators: ChaosUT, Sword Arena, Sword Melee and No Health. Version 1.1 retains the ChaosUT, Sword Melee and No Health mutators while adding Arena Mutator and Grapple Only.

Sword Arena removes every weapon and pickup from the map and gives the players the Bastard Sword. Sword Melee replaces the Impact Hammer with the Bastard Sword as the melee weapon, and No Health removes every health pickup (Health Vial, Health Pack and Big Keg o' Health) from the map. Grapple Only allows the players to use the Hook on non-Chaos maps.

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The first beta of the mod was released on June 17, 2000. It came with the Bastard Sword, the Crossbow with two of the three types of ammo (Regular and Explosive, only Poisonous was missing), the Proximity Mines and the Chaos Sniper V2, as well as the Armor Shard. Other features added were the Kamikaze, Kick and Spawn Protection. The second beta included the Poisonous Arrows for the Crossbow, as well as introducing The Claw and the mutators Sword Melee, Sword Arena and No Health.

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Starting with version 1.1, there are CUT variants of the six regular gametypes, plus new gametypes King of the Hill, Team KOTH, Sword Arena and Team Sword Arena. The game's take on KOTH is more similar to Domination than Unreal's KOTH, as the players must stay inside of a zone for a determined amount of time in order to win. The maps come with the UT: Game of the Year Edition and the GOTY Mappack for non-GOTY editions of UT.

Chaos UT maps for Unreal Tournament
Capture the Flag maps: CTF-CUT ChaosCastle-pfCTF-CUT Horus
Deathmatch maps: DM-CUTA BridgeDM-CUTA CerebroDM-CUTA ChaosArenaDM-CUTA PillarDM-CUT DM4DM-CUT EclipseDM-CUT JailHouseDM-CUT ProxykingDM-CUT SkullMoonDM-CUT StorageAlphaDM-CUT TheBellTollsDM-CUT WeaponsOfChaosDM-CUT WeaponsOfWar
King of the Hill maps: KOTH CerebroKOTH DungeonKOTH WildernessKoth BaseStationThetaKoth alpha pyramidKoth barflyKoth cold winter dreamsKoth craterKoth fiabKoth highriseKoth lost castleKoth outpost arenaKoth templeKoth usschaos

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Bastard Sword Grappling Hook Crossbow CAS12 Shotgun Proximity Mines Utility Gun The Claw Chaos Sniper V2 The Vortex Sentry Turret

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  • Kick
  • Kamikaze
  • Spawn protection

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Armor Shard GravBelt

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Main article: Essential files#
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Here you can find a list of official and unofficial, yet essential, files for your game.

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  • The GravBelt is a nod to CTF-LavaGiant, which specifically says that combatants are issued these belts in order to be able to fight.
  • The Grappling Hook and Armor Shard are taken from the Quake series.
  • A more advanced version of the Vortex appears as the Singularity Cannon in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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