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"In this mode, a special cloaking device is located somewhere in each level. Any player who gets it (and activates it) becomes partially invisible. When a cloaked player is killed, his killer becomes cloaked and all other cloaking devices are deactivated. From that point on, only one player at a time can be cloaked."
RTNP manual

Cloak Match is a gamemode exclusive to Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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Cloak Match is like a game of Tag. One player is Cloaked (they are "it") and the other players must try to find and kill the cloaked player. When cloaked a player is very hard to see, can jump higher and has better air control. The more you move when cloaked the more visible you are to the other players. When one player manages to kill the cloaked player they become "it" and are then cloaked.

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