Cooperative (or co-op) is a multiplayer gametype featured in Unreal, Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali, and Unreal Tournament 3 where two or more players work together to complete a level. Cooperative games in Unreal can only be played online, not with bots. Cooperative games in UT3 can be played with up to 4 players, each one representing a member of Ronin. Co-op games allow online players to make it through the single player campaign with their online friends. In a co-op game, you are able to choose which level you want the game to start, so you aren't forced to start at the first level.

Unreal Edit

When a group of players play co-op, every player is considered as a Vortex Rikers prisoner, so everyone starts in the prison room and needs to escape the ship in order to fight in group against the monsters and bosses. You can start a co-op game in any level of the game, however, all players will start with a Dispersion Pistol and the Universal Translator. To prevent players from "stealing" weapons in the level from others, these weapons usually respawn every time a player takes it. There are other types of co-op mods that don't respawn all items for the sake of fairness - having several people in a match already makes enemies weaker.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Further information: Unreal Tournament 3 Single player

The single player campaign of Unreal Tournament 3 can be played online, though as the single player campaign is more like several practice matches tied together with a story, some people don't consider UT3's single player to be a true cooperative game mode.