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"The Axon corp designed this makeshift arena to simulate Tournament combat in urban conditions. While it is still under construction, Axon has opened one small section in order to beta test the facility, and it has already proven quite popular with dueling combatants."
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DM-ASDF (whose full name is ASDF) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

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  • This is one of the initial maps of the game.

Version changelog Edit

  • 16/10/14:
    • Fixed bad window collision.
    • Added tall lifts.
    • Experimenting with some small layout/item tweaks.
    • More layout tweaks.
    • More minor item tweaking.
    • Blocking volume pass for windows.
    • Moved thighpads.
  • 27/10/14:
    • Rebuilt after jump pad changes
  • 31/10/14:
    • Fixed sticky ramp between shock/armor
    • Added new shortcut behind thigh pads
  • 12/12/14:
    • Added navmesh
  • 25/6/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 29/2/16:
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.

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