DM-Conveyor (whose full name is Conveyor) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament .

Map description Edit

This map takes place in an industrial smelter facility featuring the namesake conveyor belt. The belt itself starts at a smelting area and goes all the way to the pressure.

With crammed spaces, high platforms and open melters, one can either choose to run around this heavily rustic arena and hunt down whom you see, or sneak somewhere and nail down the opposition with a well-placed headshot.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 1
A: 3
Weapon: 1x Highest floor, south room, behind some crates.
Ammo: 3x Near the weapon.
W: 1
A: 7
Weapon: 1x Southwest corner, in the ledge at the lowest point of the big ramp.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon, at the lowest point of the short ramp. 2x Near the Pulse Gun in the Upper North Cornered Passage. 1x Highest floor, south room, behind some crates. 1x Conveyor area, fourth floor. 1x Above the Control Room.
W: 1
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Upper north cornered corridor, south end.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 2x North entrance to Airducts area.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x North corridor between the Smelters and the Conveyor area.
Ammo: South corridor between the Smelters and the Conveyor area.
W: 1
A: 3
Weapon: 1x Control Room.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 1x Above the Control Room.
W: 1
A: 6
Weapon: 1x Conveyor area, fourth floor.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 1x North corridor between Smelters. 2x Upper corridor between Gas and Conveyor areas. 1x Above the Control Room.
W: 1
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Gas area, second floor.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 2x Highest floor, south room, behind some crates.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Corridor from Conveyor area (fourth floor) to South room.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon.
W: 1
Weapon: 1x In the airducts area, in the highest airduct.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
4x Control Room. 5x Upper north cornered corridor, east ramp.
2x South corridor between Smelters. 2x S-shaped corridor between the South Lift and the South Upper Room. 1x South Room, behind some crates. 2x Airducts area, below the airducts. 2x Second floor entrance to Conveyor area. 2x Southwest corner, in the ledge at the lowest point of the big ramp. 2x Gas area, at the end of the conveyor belt.
1x Above the Control Room, in a ledge over the stairs.
1x Mid corridor between smelters.
1x Conveyor area, fourth floor, center.
1x Southwest corner, below the ledge.
1x West Smelter, over the Molten Metal pool.
1x Corridor between the first and second Conveyor area level, at the lowest point of the ramp.

Walkthrough Edit

PC (Retail/GOTY) Edit

"This refinery makes for a particularly well balanced arena. A multilevel central chamber keeps fighters on their toes while the nearby smelting tub keeps them toasty."
Mission description

Tips and tricks Edit

  • If you see someone climbing the air ducts to reach the redeemer, use a special jump to access it first.[1]
  • On the other end of the map: rather than sit down by the yellow bubbly liquid, stay up on the catwalks and keep your eye on where the amplifier appears. Make a run for the nearby keg o' health if the amplifier is not there. Stay on the higher catwalks and fire the rocket launcher and shock rifle at players down below. It's much more difficult to strike players roaming the catwalks high above than it is to nail players roaming the floors below.[1]
  • Use the Shock Rifle around the thinner corridors for easy kills.

Trivia Edit

  • The shape of the map, seen in the top-down view, resembles the Gauss weapon from the Half-Life series.
  • The map was considered for the console versions of the game, but was ultimately nixed.

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External links and references Edit

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