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"One of few arenas built solely for competition. Named for the unfortunate competitors who learned it has no escape."
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DM-Deadbolt (whose full name is Deadbolt) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict . It comes with the UC2 Demo.

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Anubis's Ladder Edit

"Malcolm has been scouting you since your days in the Ascension Rites. He wants you for his team, Thunder Crash, but you will still need to prove yourself. Consider this a tryout."
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Arclite's Ladder Edit

"Only the winner of this 6-way deathmatch will continue to the semi-finals. The Quad Jump mutator reduces the drawback of your massive size, so take advantage."
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Gorge's Ladder Edit

"The longer you fight without gene-boosting treatments, the more likely you are to suffer genetic instability. With only two matches left, and a possible rematch against Malcolm in the finals, it might be worth the risk."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Instagib mutator.

Sapphire's Ladder Edit

"Despite your best efforts, you are rarely recognized as one of the elite competitors in the tournament. Even after making it to the late knockout rounds for the past three years, no one seems to favor your chances. Hopefully that will all change now that you're captain of your own team, the Bargain Hunters."
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