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"One unfortunate drawback to Tarydium is the large volume of toxic bio-waste that is created during the processing of raw ore. On Taryd, the bulk of this waste is sent to the Decks, an Axon-run storage and disposal facility on the outskirts of Oxida Nova. It is not recommended that you enter the building without a complete set of protective gear."
Map description

DM-Deck (whose full name is Deck) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 .

Map description Edit

This game's version of Deck is ambiented in Liandri territory and has a mix of the UT2004 architectural layout with the UT99 placement and the return of the green slime. It contains the semicircle from Flak Cannon to Damage Amp from 2004 and the Thighpads and Jumpboots in the same area they were in UT. Don't expect big changes because, well, it's Deck.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: -
Weapon: -
Ammo: -
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Upper level. 1x Curve to Damage Amp.
Ammo: -
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Elevator area, lower level. 1x Damage Amp crates area.
Ammo: -
W: 1
Weapon: Mid level, among the crates, on top of a box.
Ammo: -
W: 1
Weapon: On top of the Big Tank.
Ammo: -
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Small acid pool area. 1x Flak Corridor, at the end of the curve to the Damage Amp.
Ammo: -
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Rocket Launcher corridor. 1x Near teleporter to Redeemer area.
Ammo: -
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Sniper semicircle. 1x Corner above a radioactive zone.
Ammo: -
W: 1
Weapon: On a chamber above the Elevator area.
Ammo: -

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
4x On a ledge above the big acid pool. 4x Mid level, behind the big crate near the big tank. 5x Flak Cannon corridor, among the crates. 4x Elevator area, behind a wall while going to Rocket Launcher.
2x Big crate between the Damage Amp and Flak Cannon. 2x Elevator area lower level, among the crates.
Upper level, near the sniper semicircle.
Elevator area lower level, on top of a box.
On a ledge above the big acid pool.
Mid level, above some boxes over teleporter to Redeemer.
Lower level, on the big tank near the big acid pool.

(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

Walkthrough Edit

Act IV: Calculated Losses Edit

"Izanagi forces trapped the Krall chieftain inside Hyperion's main waste-processing plant. He's a rabid cornered dog. He's dangerous, and we need to put him down. If we're lucky, losing the alpha-male will make the whole pack turn on each other."

Time for a boss fight! Or a handicap match, as the boss in question, Scythe, is accompanied by other three goons, while you only have Othello at your side. As usual in the campaign, you're greeted with a dialog:

Reaper: "Watch your step! There's a lot of goo down there."
Othello: "It's a sewage plant! Show me a place where there ISN'T any goo."
Scythe: "We smell its filth."

So Scythe is the Clan Lord? Whatever. We've already dominated him several times. This is a standard-issue deathmatch. You're outnumbered, but if you know this level you should be able to lay waste to the 'Krall chieftain' (again) without Othello's help. The Flak Cannon is particularly useful since you'll end up spending most of your time in the surrounding hallways, but you can use whatever weapon you prefer, so long as you can dodge the enemy rockets long enough to score points.

At certain frags, you'll get more dialogs:

(At the fifth frag)

Othello: "Here I come, Baby. Clench them cheeks!"

(At the twelfth frag)

Reaper: "How much are they paying you?"
Scythe: "[angry roar]"

(At the thirty-third frag)

Othello: "Their 'spawner better be running low by now..."

(At the thirty-eighth frag)

Reaper: "Just two more!"

The enemy will spend most of their time near the Stinger, meaning on the central bridge near the elevators. You can fire rockets down the length of the bridge and kill them in groups when they do this, or you can come up behind them from the elevators or the adjacent hallway and use the Flak Cannon to similar effect. If they push you out of the doorway and manage to enter the hall, you can always retreat back up the ramp and shoot flak balls down at them and laugh while the stupid beasts slip and fall into the slime trying to get to you. Occasionally one of them will spawn or wander over near the Bio Rifle to get the Double Damage - which is an added benefit of the Flak Cannon. You can kill them easily if they enter the hallways below the elevator when they drop down to get the Jump Boots or the Shield Belt since they have no practical means of dodging you. You can also use the portal down there to get the Redeemer and kill them with that, the way you would with a rocket launcher. You can shoot them from around the corners in the hallways by aiming at the floor under the half-arch. And shock combos. The Krall don't seem to be very proficient with long range weapons, so you may also be able to abuse the sniper roost as well.[1]

After this match, Scythe is unlocked as a playable character.

Tips and tricks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The map has a flyby sequence triggerable by using the FlyThrough command.

Author's Notes Edit

"In the final stages I was assigned a couple maps for final polish and bug fixing. DM-HeatRay; DM-Deck; CTF-Coret; CTF-Hydrosis; WAR-ColdHarbor.[2]"

Gallery Edit

External links and references Edit

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  2. Checker's work on UT3

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