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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Map description[]

The map serves as a revamped version of Unreal's iconic DmDeck16 map. The map's layout and architecture remain practically the same as its predecessor, but a new route has been opened, one that replaces a death trap in the lower level with a teleporter to a newly-accessible area where a Redeemer is now located. The rest of the map, including weapon and item locations, remains largely unchanged.

For description purposes, this article will use area names adapted from the UT2004 version of the map, as the map lacks location names:

  • Slime Pool Area: The area with the cargo, the ramps, and the large slime pool in the middle. A new ledge unites both lower level ledges and adds a new, small chamber where the Jump Boots are located.
  • Elevator Area: The cargo area at the south holding the platforms to the middle level. Above it, a new chamber is located, holding the Redeemer. At the lower level, two corridors connect it to the Slime Pool Area.
  • Corridor Curve: The curve uniting the Western Hallway with the hall going to the Sniper Rifle.
  • Western Hallway: The hall containing the Rocket Launcher chamber at the west side of the map.
  • Eastern Hallway: Located at the east of the map, these halls span a bridge over a slime pool at the southeast point, a dead end with the Flak Cannon and some boxes at the northeast point, and an entrance to the Slime Pool Area at the midpoint.
  • Southern Hallway: The hall spanning from the corridor curve to the Sniper Rifle pool chamber. The middle point unites the Elevator Area with the Slime Pool Area.
  • Northern Hallway: The hall spanning from the Northwest Chamber to the Slime Pool Area entrance.
  • Northwest Chamber: Also known as the Flak Cannon chamber, it is a big ledge over a slime pool with a ramp to a small isle containing the Flak Cannon itself.

Weapons and pickups[]


Weapon Count Location
W : 1
A : 4
Weapon: 1x Slime Pool Area, upper-level ledge, at the south end.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 2x Slime Pool Area, upper-level ledge, at the north end.
W : 2
A : 5
Weapon: 1x Elevator Area, lower level. 1x Northern Hallway, entrance to Slime Pool Area, behind crates.
Ammo: 2x Near the Elevator Area weapon. 2x Near the Northern Hallway weapon. 1x Northwest Chamber, near a pair of crates.
W : 1
A : 4
Weapon: 1x Slime Pool Area, middle level.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 2x Slime Pool Area, middle level, near some crates next to the exit to the Northwest chamber.
W : 1
A : 2
Weapon: 1x Southwest Curve.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon.
W : 1
A : 2
Weapon: 1x Slime Pool Area, middle level, near stairs to Southern Hallway.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon.
W : 2
A : 4
Weapon: 1x Northwest Chamber, at the small isle. 1x Eastern Hallway, north point, over a box.
Ammo: 2x Next to the Northwest Chamber weapon. 2x Next to the Eastern Hallway weapon.
W : 2
A : 7
Weapon: 1x Western Hallway, in a small, blue-colored chamber. 1x Slime Pool Area, lower level, next to the teleporter to the Redeemer Chamber.
Ammo: 3x Elevator Area, on top of the crates. 1x Near the Western Hallway weapon. 2x Near the Slime Pool Area weapon. 1x Northwest Chamber, near a pair of crates.
W : 2
A : 7
Weapon: 1x Slime Pool Area, upper level, at a ledge above the Northern Hallway. 1x Southeast corner, at the ledge above the slime pool.
Ammo: 4x Near the Sniper ledge weapon. 2x Near the Southeast corner weapon. 1x Northwest Chamber, near a pair of crates.
W : 1
Weapon: 1x Redeemer Chamber, above the Southern Corridor.


Pickup Count Location
4x Slime Pool Area, above a ledge over the pool itself, in the lower level. 5x Eastern Hallway, among the crates next to the Flak Cannon. 3x Slime Pool Area, middle level, near some crates next to the exit to the Southwest Curve.
2x Elevator Area, lower level, among the crates. 2x Northern Hallway.
1x Slime Pool Area, upper-level ledge, at the north end.
1x Elevator Area, lower level, atop a small crate.
1x Slime Pool Area, above a ledge over the pool itself, in the lower level.
1x Northern Hallway, entrance to Central Area, atop a crate.
1x Slime Pool Area, on a ledge over the pool itself, in a small chamber.


Playstation 2[]

"Interstellar Space Vehicle Gaetano is the largest space-faring vehicle ever built. When in drydock, it serves as a venue for tournament combat. All battles take place on the infamous Deck 16 of the cruiser. Try to stay out of the slime!"
Mission description


Tips and tricks[]

  • Elevator jumps can be done directly to the Northern Hallway without having to pass through the bridge that goes over it.
  • Using the Jump Boots, it is possible to reach the Redeemer Chamber from the Elevator Area, the Shield Belt ledge from the lower level, and the Sniper ledge in the Slime Pool Area without having to go through the Upper ledge. They also help escape from the Flak Cannon isle in the Northwest Chamber, without having to pass through the ramp.
  • The Damage Amplifier can be obtained by jumping from one of the ramps.
  • The green slime found throughout the map is harmful. Take caution when roaming the lower area of the map in search of the Shield Belt, AntiGrav Boots, and Redeemer.[1]
  • The large middle section of the map provides great sniping grounds. Further, there are plenty of crates and dark corners to conceal yourself behind and take out deathmatch opponents from afar.[1]
  • The Rocket Launcher located in the blue tunnel is one of the level's hotspots. Expect players to constantly roam down this hall to grab the coveted weapon (though another is located on the bottom floor of the map near the Shield Belt). Trap players going for the Rocket Launcher inside the small alcove; fire a rocket at their feet and score an easy kill.[1]


  • The map is one of the most popular and iconic FPS maps of all time; this map was received very well by critics and has spawned numerous sequels in later UT games.
  • The beta version had an Invisibility instead of the Shield Belt, but the ledge where it was placed wasn't there, so there was no real way to reach it.
  • There is a hidden Level Entry Text: "Return to the Deck!"
  • G4TV named it one of the most influential levels in FPS history.
"DM-Deck 16 was so popular that Epic Games remade the map again and again throughout the Unreal series. One of the developers we spoke with for our upcoming feature was Epic's Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown. When we asked him what his favorite map from the Unreal franchise was he answered "My favorite, without question, has always been DM-Deck 16."

Brown told us how each area of the map had been built to support the weapons placed there, pointed out the multiple approaches to each area, the balance of weapons in opposing areas and the ability of the map to support any number of players while still providing exciting matches. We think Brown summarized his love of the map best when he said:

"Watching highly skilled opponents in Deck is like watching a choreographed dance, and has proven to be more entertaining to me over the years than most TV or movies I've seen. I shudder to think of how many hours I've spent in just that map alone.""
  • Game journalist Aaron Cook mentioned the map as the seventh greatest multiplayer map of all time.
"By the late 90's, id Software began to see its first real competition in the FPS market. One of the first of them was Unreal Tournament. It featured awesome weapons that had secondary fire and great level design that breathed fresh air into the genre. One of the maps that made this game so great was Deck 16. The map featured an excellent blend of long corridors with open areas, and an unforgiving slime pit at the bottom. Deck 16 would be re-released numerous times in Epic Games' iterations of the series, and has aged well over the years."
Quantum Rarity[3]

External links and references[]

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