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"Enter Deck 17 - Magma Refinery... Deck 16's HOT neighbor."
Map description

DM-Deck17 (whose full name is Deck 17) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004 .

Map description Edit

The sequel to Deck16 in Unreal Tournament, Deck17 is largely the same as it's predecessor, but adds on a small extra hallway extension between the Bio-rifle and one of the Flak Cannons, preventing dead-ends. For extra danger too, the Lava pits located where the goop was kills you on contact.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
A: 3
Ammo: In bended corridor (SW) between Rocket Launcher and elevators
W: 2
A: 6
Ammo: 2 next to each weapon pickup, 2 next to Sniper's ledge
W: 2
A: 5
Ammo: 2 next to each pickup, 1 in corner near Flak Cannon/lava
W: 1
A: 4
Ammo: All 4 next to crates on the same level as the pickup
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Near pickup, on the other side of the walkway
W: 2
A: 4
Ammo: 2 next to each weapon pickup
W: 2
A: 6
Ammo: 1 near W-pickup, 2 near other pickup. 2 on crates near elevators. 1 in corner near Flak
W: 2
A: 4
Ammo: 2 next to SE-pickup, 1 near other pickup, 1 in corner in NW-room
W: 1

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
6 in SW-corridor. 3 in Main room. 5 near eastern Flak Cannon
2 near elevators, 2 in between Shock and Flak pickups, north
1 in Main hall (high ledge), 1 near elevators.
In the middle of the main hall, underneath the main walkway
North part of main hall, behind crates, near Shock Rifle

Walkthrough Edit

Blood Rites Edit

"Enter Deck 17 - Magma Refinery... Deck 16's HOT neighbor."
Mission description

As a BloodRites map, this match can be played either as an Instagib match or all-weapons match.

Tournament Finals Edit

"Enter Deck 17 - Magma Refinery... Deck 16's HOT neighbor."
Mission description

The team you'll face here is the one from the Godlike tier that scored the better win:loss ratio in the Ladders.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • For fun, try pushing players into the pits for an instant kill.
  • Use a lift jump to get to the Shield Pack on the boxes between the two lifts.
  • Careful around the magma pool with the Flak Cannon. You can easily get pushed in by an opponent or even accidently fall in by yourself.
  • Around the large magma pool players are a good target for the rocket launcher because they are either close to the walls or can easily be pushed into the magma.

Trivia Edit

  • In the room with the Bio Rifle there a blocked door with a sign reading "DECK 16 CLOSED FOR REPAIR AND RENOVATION". The room behind it is Deck 16.
  • Until the stats for the game were shut down, the map held the distinction of being the sixth most played UT2004 map of all-time, with nearly 520.000 matches.[1]

External links and references Edit

  1. "Unreal Tournament 2004 Map stats" @ ut2004stats

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