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"Unreal's most iconic death match arena, popular for its versatility between a wide range of gametypes, play styles, and skill levels. Control is the key here, and maintaining the upper hand in Deck is as much a mental game as it is one of skill."
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DM-DeckTest (whose full name is Deck 16 Test) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

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  • This is one of the initial maps of the game.

Version changelog Edit

  • 26/9/14:
    • Tweaked.
  • 21/11/14:
    • Removed sticky area @ramp near biorifle/thighpads.
  • 6/2/15:
    • Removed 15 anniv logos
    • Added temp audio
    • Replaced PainVolume with UTPain volume in one slime pit
    • Organized assets for readability in browser
  • 20/2/15:
    • Fixed crouching under ramp by slime pit.
  • 2/3/15:
    • Fixed slime volume at bottom of deck.
  • 28/5/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 25/6/15:
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 1/2/16:
    • Fixed slime post process overlapping flak platform.
  • 29/2/16:
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.

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