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"Lower decks of a defunct Type IV Nakhti Pyramid Cruiser, which now sits on the docks near the capitol."
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DM-Horizon (whose full name is Horizon) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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Ascension Rites Edit

"Congratulations, and welcome to the Ascension Rites quarterfinals. The highest ranked player, Selket, received a bye. The next six best competitors must compete head-to-head. Only the top three continue to the semifinals."
Mission description
Robot commentator: "Welcome to the playoffs! We're down to our seven finalists.They've all qualified for the Liandri Grand Tournament, but it's the Imperial throne that it's on their minds today. First, a quick review of the rules. The quarterfinal round is a six-way deathmatch, which the top-scorer gets to skip..."
Malcolm: "...and that's Selket. Nobody came close to her scores."
Robot commentator: "Selket, and the top three quarterfinalists will meet in two semifinal deathmatches, with pairings decided by random draw."
Malcolm: "The winners head to the finals for a fight to the death. The winner's crowned Emperor. The loser goes home in a box."
Robot commentator: "Our competitors are ready, so let's get one last look."

(In the arena)

Announcer: "The Princess of Pain, Selket! Apophis! Memphis! Mirage! Nepthys! Ra! And the challenger from the Northern Wastes, Anubis!"

In this Deathmatch, you only have to get into the top three, so just get all the pickups you can and murder everyone, chances are Apophis will probably win so don't get mad if he does.[1]

You need to finish at one of the first 3 places in order to advance.

Gorge's Ladder Edit

"In this match, glowing with radiation is a good thing. When you start winning, everyone will see you coming. That's fine by you."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Radioactive mutator.

Sobek's Ladder Edit

"One benefit of having the Liandri run this tournament is that they have no shame about creating perfect grudge matches. Apophis hooked up with your best friend's girl, sent a bunch of bots after you, and even jumped you when you were unarmed. This boy earned himself a royal beating, and it's time to settle up."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Double Adrenaline mutator.

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