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If you're looking for the Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 version of the map, you might want to check DM-Insidious (UT200X map).

If you're looking for other versions of the map, you might want to check Recurring maps#DeathFan.


"Step into the dark underworld of the Inquisition, where the ghosts of the innocent are your only companions."
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DM-Insidious (UC map) (whose full name is Insidious) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship .

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This map is considered a spiritual successor of Unreal's DmDeathFan.

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"Step into the dark underworld of the Inquisition, where the ghosts of the innocent are your only companions."
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  • The containers near the Shield Pack that contain human body parts are originally found in the Drakk homeworld back in Unreal II: The Awakening. The Drakk tried to create a Frankenstein-like creature from body parts of the Skaarj, Izarians and humans. Containers with body parts were named freak show by John Dalton.
  • The betas had a much longer description text, which may also shed a light about the Nightmare Black Legion:
"Among the Battlesworn, fear grows old and dies quickly, leaving only bitterness behind. For those who have faced the Scorned in the arena, fear can return in an instant, striking deep into the soul. Eventually, a successful fighter will be called to spill blood on the nightmare planet, and learn what real fear is.

Cutting, twisting, tearing, flesh scoured from bone, tortured bodies twitching and screaming in the darkness, the howls of the damned welcome you to the insanity of the asylum. Deep in the darkness of this cursed hole the inmates are subjected to the unimaginable as the Overseers test the limits of human endurance.

Mutilated bodies hang from the walls and ceilings amidst an array of chain and wiring. Choked cries of pain, punctuated by agonized screams, fill the hallways like the sulfurous fog that drifts along the floor.

The suspension tanks that line the north wall greet visiting fighters with the deformed bodies of prisoners in Incubation, embryonic Scorned whose minds are twisted in sleep like the flesh that has betrayed them.

Some prisoners manage to cling to their humanity with bloody, broken fingernails, long after their body has passed beyond what anyone would recognize as human. The cells make short work of these; the acrid scent of electrocution and the wet sound of flesh meeting metal as their occupants dash their brains out against the doors punctuate the fact that what they contain is barely more than animal. Once the last trace of humanity is burned away, reeducation can begin, and the birth of a nightmare is witnessed.

Combatants who have bloodied these halls before find it a simple task to recognize new arrivals from old. Amidst the whimpered sobs of pain, the inexperienced choke out a single word again and again. The others learned long ago why the Overseers do what they do. They do it because they can."
UC Beta

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