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DM-Lea (whose full name is Lea Observatory) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 . It comes with the UT4 Marketplace.

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  • The map was made available for the Marketplace on the 2015 March 2nd. update.[1]

Version changelog Edit

  • 1/5/15:
    • Lighting updated.
    • Collision updated.
    • Misc. bug fixes.
  • 28/5/15 *
    • Updated with low detail settings and less blue lighting.
  • 25/6/15 *
    • Rebuilt paths.
  • 24/8/15 *
    • Scaled map 4% larger using Rattlesnake's awesome mapscaler blueprint script.
    • Changed windows from physical window shutters, to a force field material to help with visibility. Will promote more strategic fighting through windows.
    • Removed collision on most meshes, which will result in more reliable projectile collision and ricochet.
    • Enlarged biorifle room, and the doorway that interconnects the center of the map. 2k4 players should approve.
    • Removed a healthpack near vest armor to help prevent in control player from having a bit of extra health.
    • Changed helmet near sniper into a thighpad
    • Made most windows taller, and moved them down slightly so that it's easier to fire through at eye level.
    • Converted all nonessential blueprints to static meshes, reducing max drawcalls by thousands.
    • Combined many similar meshes and split them into groups, reducing max draw calls by thousands.
    • Converted all BSP floors into static meshes, which offers a slight performance boost and is also visually better looking in some areas (smooth ramps).
    • Increased brightness/contrast of post process volume so the map is brighter on high graphics.
    • Increased roughness of floor puddle decals to make the reflectivity less distracting.
  • 8/9/15 *
    • Added to default TDM/Duel/Showdown map lists.
  • 1/10/15 *
    • Fixed paths.
  • 1/2/16 *
    • Desaturated ambient cubemap and lighting per Neil's request.
  • 29/2/16 *
    • Bug fix pass to address effects of player scale change.
  • 12/5/16 *
    • Fixed bad playerstarts.
  • 24/5/16 *
    • Fixed bad playerstarts.

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  1. 2015 March 2nd. update release notes @ UT Wiki

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