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"The Morbias Station is a transport hub that focuses all traffic passing through Taryd's jumpgates. The Station offers a terrestrial shuttle, storage facilities (with quarantine services for live cargo), and a social center where guests can meet incoming visitors or hold private meetings in a neutral setting."
Map description

DM-Morbias (whose full name is Morbias Arena) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 . It comes with the UT3 Bonus Pack 1.

Map description Edit

Morbias Station, or Orbital Station Morbias as it's named on plaques throughout the place, is a remake of the Morbias map series. This version is a Liandri space station orbiting Earth.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 4
A: 6
Weapon: 2x Central Area, upper level, near entrances from the North and South chambers. 1x North chamber, lower level, near the elevator. 1x South chamber, lower level, near the elevator.
Ammo: 4x Central area, upper level. 2x Central area, lower level.
W: 1
A: -
Weapon: 1x Central Area, in the very center.
Ammo: -

Pickups Edit


Tips and tricks Edit

  • Time the Redeemer, shoot, and take cover before it explodes.

Trivia Edit

  • This map was released with the first UT3 bonus pack, alongside CTF-Searchlight and CTF-FacingWorlds.
  • The lack of powerups in this map made the "Like the Back of My Hand" achievement in UT3 Black version (2.0) impossible, as it is still included on the list. This was fixed in 2.1.

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