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DM-MorbiasII (whose full name is Morbias][) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament .

Map description Edit

The layout is directly lifted from its Unreal predecessor. It's a big octogonal dome with two floors. Both the North and South extremes of the map have corridors ending in an elevator, the only way to switch between the first and second floors. The map had only one weapon (the Eightball) in the original version, whereas here, aside of the Rocket Launcher, there's also a Redeemer exposed in the very center of the map. The central dome, in both of its floors, has several pillars serving as cover.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 4
A: 11
Weapon: 1x North chamber, near Elevator. 1x South chamber, near Elevator. 2x Upper floor of the Dome, at the North and South ledges.
Ammo: 7x Central Dome, second floor. 4x Central Dome, lower floor, two at the East and West sides.
W: 1
Weapon: Central dome, in the central platform.

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • Grenades are very useful in this map. You can cover an escape from the elevator or spam from second floor to first.
  • There's plenty of cover in both floors but not so much in the elevator areas.
  • The map is very tight so be careful when you use the Redeemer.
  • Stand directly across from either lift and launch rockets as players ascend. Time the shot right (especially with multiple rockets), and you'll slam your opponent just as he reaches the top floor.[1]
  • Look for opportunities to fire rockets at players making their way around the second floor.[1]
  • After they emerge off the lift, players usually start running left or right around the circumference of the room. Fire rockets at the wall or floor and take cover behind the support pillars.[1]
  • When you snag the redeemer, hold onto the warhead until the central room is filled with enemy players.[1]
  • Because Morbias II contains absolutely no health, don't bother attempting to escape from a determined opponent. Grab a rocket launcher and do your best to take him down and survive to fight the next round.[1]

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