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"This ancient structure was discovered in the depths of an ocean rift 53 miles off the southern coast of Absalom. While the planet's seemingly endless supply of sentient Nanoblack has kept the facility active, its origins and ultimate purpose remain a mystery."
- Map description

DM-OceanRelic (whose full name is Ocean Relic) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3.

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(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

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"This level features the Slow Field powerup, a portable version of the slow field deployable."
- Titan Pack Readme

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"DM-Ocean Relic, meanwhile, features the portable Slow Field power-up, for the first time. Immune to hit-scan weapons, players must utilise secondary fire modes to kill the wearer, or, suicidally, enter the field where time flows at full speed for the possessor. All projectiles entering the field are slowed, giving the wearer a huge advantage in standard Deathmatch modes. As with all new aspects of the TBP, co-ordination is required to defeat the game's new additions, even in Deathmatch, but arranging temporary alliances outside of a same-room LAN setup will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. "
- PlanetUnreal[1]

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  1. UT3 Titan Pack - Hands-on Coverage @ PlanetUnreal

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