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"The Phoenix Order no longer watches over the five cities of Wakheb, but this tower still testifies to their legendary vigil."
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DM-Phoenix (whose full name is Phoenix) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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Devastation's Ladder Edit

"Your tournament computation loop has been updated for team deathmatch gameplay. if (Target.Color == Self.Color) ProtectTarget(); else DestroyTarget()."
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Raiden's Ladder Edit

"You have asked Liandri organizers to assemble a deadly team of warriors as your opponents for this semi-final. Your teammates are not so pleased with this request."
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Raptor's Ladder Edit

"Powerup announcements in this match negate the advantage of your internal clock, but you shouldn't need the advantage against these biological opponents."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Announce Power-Ups mutator.

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