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"The bad moon... Has risen. Now it is time to take the Plunge."
Map description

DM-Plunge (whose full name is Plunge) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 .

Map description Edit

Plunge is an arena set on top of three unfinished galaxyscrspers, essentially making it a venue for a jumpmatch. Camping is not an option, because anything that packs a serious punch can literally knock you off the floor.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location

Weapon Count Location

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location

Pickup Count Location

Walkthrough Edit

Unreal Tournament 2003 Edit

"The bad moon... Has risen. Now it is time to take the Plunge."
Mission description

Winning this match unlocks the Double Domination Ladder.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Blood Rites Edit

"The bad moon... Has risen. Now it is time to take the Plunge."
Mission description

As a BloodRites map, this match can be played either as an Instagib match or all-weapons match.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Jumping and air control is of utmost importance in this arena.
  • Shock Rifle and Rocket Launcher come in handy to knock off enemies, while the former is extremely effective for anti air attack, via combo or solo attacks.
  • The Invisibility Adrenaline combo might save your skin from all but eagle eye opponents during PvP matches.
  • Stay behind cover and shoot any airborne enemies, especially bots. Bots that jump to a certain spot on DM-Plunge very rarely change their destination.
  • Use the long-range weapons to your advantage, since this is a big map.
  • If for any reason you are paranoid about being sniped, look around before jumping - most campers are obvious on this map.
  • If at all possible, try hitting your enemies with projectiles that will blow them off the map.

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