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"A medium sized map set in an old industrial building, in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm."
Map description

DM-Rankin (whose full name is Rankin) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 2004 . It comes with the UT2004 Demo.

Map description Edit

DM-Rankin is an old industrial building, possibly a factory. In the first floor, you can find many metal plates lying at diagonal angles against the walls. These ramps lead to the second floor. You can Dodge on the plates to slide up them. If you find yourself falling short, just jump at the peak of the slide to get all the way up. On the top floor, there are vents which can be accessed to provide shortcuts around the map. The Super Shield is positioned so that it is difficult to acquire without fighting. It is recommended to get weapons and health quickly.

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
A: 1
Ammo: On a ledge, west of Bio Rifle pickup.
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Both near the weapon pickup
W: 1
A: 3
Ammo: 2 next to the pickup, 1 next to the Assault Rifle ammo
W: 2
A: 4
Ammo: 2 near each weapon pickup
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Next to the weapon pickup
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Near the weapon pickup
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Near the weapon pickup, in between the slopes
W: 1
A: 2
Ammo: Next to the weapon pickup

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
5 near DD. 3, 3 & 4 on slopes to top level. 3 west of Flak. 1 above Super Shield
Top of the map, in between most of the rooms.
On the lowest floor, near a dead end. Center of the map.
In a hallway, northeast part of the map.
3 in RL room. 3 in soutmost corridor. 3 underneath Lightning Gun.

Walkthrough Edit

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Team Qualification Rounds Edit

"A medium sized map set in an old industrial building, in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm."
Mission description

Before playing this match, you can switch to the arena DM-Rrajigar by paying 82 game units.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Blood Rites Edit

"A medium sized map set in an old industrial building, in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm."
Mission description

Tips and tricks Edit

  • There are various ramps to dodge up, some of those even include a wall nearby for wall-jump galore:
    • Shock Rifle to Bio Rifle
    • Bio Rifle to Minigun
    • near Flak Cannon
    • near the Rocket Launcher
  • Turn the Shield Gun's alternate before approaching the Super Shield Pack from above. Your opponent might decide to welcome you with a shock combo.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the maps that came with the demo version of UT2004, the other being AS-Convoy, BR-Colossus, CTF-BridgeOfFate and ONS-Torlan. A later version of the demo added CTF-FaceClassic and ONS-Primeval.
  • Until the stats for the game were shut down, the map held the distinction of being the most played UT2004 map of all-time, with more than 2.500.000 matches, almost 1.000.000 matches over its escort, CTF-FaceClassic.[1] Not only it became one of the most popular maps of the game, but as such it also saw quite the action on tournament play, being the final stage of most tournaments. A fixed edition of the map for tournament play is ranked seventh with more than 500.000 matches being played on it.

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External links and references Edit

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