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"Monumental temple and entrance to the Eternal Burial Caverns built in the Dakhla foothills."
Map description

DM-Remnant (whose full name is Remnant) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict . It comes with the UC2 Demo.

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Ascension Rites Edit

"Build upon the momentum from your first victory. You've been given the opportunity to take out your frustration on a V2 Liandri mining bot."
Mission description

Lauren's Ladder Edit

"The adrenaline jump mutator lets you get an overhead view of the competition in this match. Rain black death down upon your opponents."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Adrenaline Jumps mutator.

Raptor's Ladder Edit

"Your pneumatic limbs should provide overpowering strength against this human opponent, Anubis. However, his statistics show he is a very skilled competitor and should not be taken lightly."
Mission description

This match takes the same place as the match in the Ascension Rites, making it a canonical part of the game.

Sobek's Ladder Edit

"You've never appreciated being the underdog until now. Everyone underestimates the old guy, but taking you lightly just gives you the chance to surprise them. And it makes beating them so much sweeter."
Mission description

Torgr's Ladder Edit

"Revenge is one of the three tenets of Skaarj religion, along with Honor and Mercilessness. Thankfully this retribution match provides the perfect opportunity for all three."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Retribution mutator.

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