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Prologue Edit

We're taken to a cutscene, which takes place in the Twin Souls colony. The people of the colony is working, and the camera shifts the focus to a medallion with the original UT logo. A boy catches it, and then an explosion ensues. The camera turns from the boy, and we see the colony being overrun by Kralls. We watch the colonists being killed while the boy runs, and ships explode. Then, the kid falls, and it's going to be killed by a Krall... until Reaper saves the kid's life.

Reaper: "Controlled bursts! Watch for civilians!"
Othello: "Hell yeah, this is my kind of fight!"
Jester: "The kind where we all die, Othello?"
Othello: "Don't worry! Your brother's got a plan."

(Reaper approaches)

Othello (to Jester): "See?"
Reaper: "I need volunteers!"
Othello: "You name it!"
Reaper: "Jester, our only chance is to power up a ship for evac."

(A ship rises up to the sky and gets shot down)

Jester: "And get shot down?"
Reaper: "Not a shuttle... a fighter. A good enough pilot could get past that blockade."
Jester: "I'm on it."

(Jester kills a Krall and goes to said fighter)

Othello: "¡Reaper!"

(Othello runs from the fire)

Othello: "A fighter won't help evac all these colonists."
Reaper: "Just get my sister to safety. Whatever it takes."

(They interchange their weapons)

Reaper: "Bishop, provide cover."
Bishop: "Verily! Bless my skills, oh Lord, and be pleased with the work on my hands..."
Reaper: "Just do it!"

The fight continues, but Reaper gets shot, dazed, and falls. In a bit of awakening, he sees Akasha shooting down a fellow soldier. The evac fails.

In the next cutscene, Jester and Othello find Reaper being mortally wounded.

Othello: "We're too late."
Jester: "We can't be..."

Then, he's taken to a medical center in order to be recovered.

Doctor: "...don't even bother with this one. No way he fights again."
Malcolm: "Just do it."

Then, the chapter I begins. Reaper has almost recovered, but he's still pissed off. The cutscene takes place in one of Tokaido's gardens, perhaps an Izanagi property:

Jester: "You still mad?"
Reaper: "You shouldn't have come back."
Jester: "Right. Fly off and leave brother to die."
Reaper: "I swore I would take care of you."
Jester: "From six feet under? Good plan."
Reaper: "Fine, you win. So, we're working for the Izanagi now?"
Jester: "They had two things we needed. First, a hospital. You were half dead."
Reaper: "And the second?"
Jester: "I knew you'd be pissed when you woke up. This mercenary gig gets us up close and personal with Necris. Fast."
Reaper: "Now we're talkin'."
Jester: "That was the plan, but the Izanagi suits call us 'Ronin' behind our backs. I figure we learn their new tech... and prove we deserve a front line assignment."
Reaper: "Sounds good. So where's the firing range?"
Jester: "I thought a little one-on-one would work out the kinks."
Reaper: "With rocket launchers? Your big plan was to save me, then blow me to bits?"
Jester: "The whole city is covered with respawners. Corporate money..."
Reaper: "Respawners? On a battlefield?"
Jester: "Sure. Portable units."
Reaper: "So no casualties..."
Jester: "Yeah. Let's see if the docs put you back together right. I know that you feel better, but I need to make sure you're really ready for all this. Let's meet up at the Kimpu docks for a little one on one refresher course. If it helps, you can pretend I'm one of those scary Krall goons..."

Tutorial Edit

After that cutscene, the player has to run over a small, skippable tutorial. You start off in a secluded area that functions as a brief tutorial which you can skip by pressing ESC. Take some time to get a feeling for the controls if you need to. When you're ready, double jump over the curbs and grab the shock rifle. Shoot the switches next to the door with your primary and then alternate fire. The door opens. Crawl under the door, and switch to your Impact Hammer. Smash the droid and continue on to another door that you must open with your shock rifle.[1]

Walkthrough Edit

Once the player finishes the tutorial or skips it, Jester activates, and the proper match begins. Certain frags and events will trigger dialogues and lines:

Reaper (first time being fragged): "Damn, dying HURTS!"
Jester: "Try not to tense up. It helps."
Reaper: "That sounds easy."
Reaper (first frag from him): "That felt good."
Jester (third frag from Reaper): "Now you're getting it!"
Jester (fifth frag from Reaper): "Nice one, big brother!"
Jester (seventh frag from Reaper): "Reaper is BACK!"
Jester (ninth frag from Reaper): "Next time, Othello can train you."
Jester (Reaper wins): "I knew you still had it in you."
Reaper (first frag from Jester): "You've been practising."
Jester (third frag from Jester): "Need more bedrest?"
Jester (fifth frag from Jester): "And you want to be Squad Leader?"
Jester (Jester wins): "OK, so you're not 100, but you get the general idea."
Jester (45 seconds without action): "Anytime, bro..."
Jester (a minute without action): "This is combat, not P.T. - Quit running!"

Grab the link gun and head down the hallway to your left. Jester spawns on the opposite side of the courtyard where you entered, and will run straight for the rocket launcher in the center of the stage. This is a good opportunity to kill her before she can even leave the first hallway. From then on she will primarily run a Square or Triangle route between the Stinger Minigun, the Link Gun, and the Rocket Launcher (her favorite weapon) via the trench or the corner buildings. The level puts a lot of focus on the mid range weapons, and she ignores the Shock Rifle for the most part. This creates tactical opportunities at both long & short range, which can be exploited.

Like the briefing says, you'll want to monopolize the center of the map. The Assault Vest, the Health Kits, the Flak Cannon and the vials up top. From here, you can also restrict her access to any of the weapons. There is no particular reason to visit the extreme edges of the map except the Flak Ammo near the Link Gun. There are health vials in the front side of the trench which should also be claimed. You can quickly run a circuit through the trench, up the stairs, loop through the left building to the Flak Ammo, and then elevator jump up to the vials above the Flak Cannon, or to the underside to collect the armor. You can also extend it to a half circle and integrate the vials in both hallways if you so choose but those hallways are vulnerable. By leaving the health vials in them, you encourage her to enter them. Once she enters she is very susceptible to splash damage and has to effectively walk into your projectiles in order to shoot back.[1]

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, the player gets to Act II and the next mission.

External links and references Edit

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