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"This massive underwater storage facility provides a perfect arena for large-scale tournament combat."
- Map description

DM-Undertow (whose full name is Undertow) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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"The good news about being outnumbered is that you have plenty of targets. If you can just keep from getting killed, you can win this one with time to spare. The bad news is that your opponents are all the latest Liandri design, and they're lightning fast."
- Mission description

Win this match to unlock the Instagib mutator.

Brock's Ladder Edit

"You can remember Calypso from her holo career, but you don't remember a thing about Lauren, much less have feelings for her. This is the first time you've met Lilith, but you're wary of fighting aside a true Phayder assassin."
- Mission description

Lauren's Ladder Edit

"This undertow facility regulates and stabilizes Nakhti ocean currents disrupted by Liandri surface mining. The Liandri can sweep anything under the rug: genocide, pollution, and even death."
- Mission description

Win this match to unlock Kraag as a bot.

Malcolm's Ladder Edit

"Selket is one of the most vicious and deadly competitors in this year's tournament. She brings speed, accuracy, and serious Liandri support to this team deathmatch."
- Mission description

Szalor's Ladder Edit

"Only the top finisher proceeds to the finals in this 6-way deathmatch semi-final. Certainly the stakes are high, but you just relish the chance to spill so much blood for a good cause."
- Mission description

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